Services for Billing Management Companies

Choose what works for your business.

Zelis Automated Clearinghouse

Satisfy providers by getting them paid up to 20 days faster with ACH.

Receive fast and secure payments with Zelis ACH. Once enrolled, your funds are automatically deposited into your bank account. Go to one place to match what you billed versus paid from more than 330 payers.

Choose the options that works best for your organization:

  • 835 or Explanation of Payments (EOP) are available in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats
  • Receive electronic remittances (835s) by secure download, secure FTP or secure email


Simplify administrative work that comes with processing payments. As new payers join the Zelis Payments network, you’ll automatically have access to those payers for quick and easy payments.

Single Sign-On Portal Account:

Single sign-on allows billing companies access to all shared Zelis Payments providers and their associated TINs. Billing company agents can quickly and easily navigate between TINs via the portal dashboard.

  • Electronic remittances (835s) can be downloaded as EOP (PDF, CSV, XLS) or aggregated 835s
  • Multiple users may be set up with varying permissions
  • Users may search up to ten years of past payments history by claim or patient


Did you know that Zelis Payments goes a step above to deliver combined, balanced and detailed electronic remittances (835s) which support fast, accurate reconciliation of claim payments.

*The ACH and 835 aspects of the Zelis Virtual Card are CAQH CORE® certified, which ensures settled payments comply with ACA and HIPAA standards and operating rules