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Zelis Automated Clearinghouse

Get paid up to 20 days faster with ACH.

Receive fast and secure payments with Zelis ACH. Once enrolled, your funds are automatically deposited into your bank account. Even combine payments from more than 330 payers all from one login.

Choose the options that works best for your organization:

  • 835 or Explanation of Payments (EOP) are available in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats
  • Receive electronic remittances (835s) by secure download, secure FTP or secure email

Simplify administrative work that comes with processing payments. As new payers join the Zelis Payments network, you’ll automatically have access to those payers for quick and easy payments.

Make sure that payments are delivered to the right place at the right time by routing by TIN, NPI or location.

Let’s face it – not all claim payments are delivered where they ultimately need to go within large, complex healthcare organizations. The resulting re-routing of dollars and data inevitably leads to delays in reconciliation or balance billing — sometimes by as much as a month. Improve your cash flow by establishing payment routing. Let us direct your funds and data electronically at preferred levels within the organization — speeding up time to reconcile.

Zelis Payments Protal
Feel confident that data is safe and protected with our secure portal.

For healthcare systems managing multiple TINs, you have access to a single sign-on portal with a dashboard that allows users to quickly and easily navigate between TINs.

Quickly and easily investigate up to 10 years of historical payments by claim or patient and print or download data in various formats (835, CSV, XLS, or PDF).

Take control. Leverage user management access by assigning user accounts for staff and billing company vendors. User controls allow the customization of administrative privileges and monitor user accounts.

More data = more informed decisions with clean and detailed electronic remittances (835s):

Enjoy fast, accurate reconciliation of electronic remittances (835s) to claim payments through our combined, balanced and detailed 835s. Our 835s are supported by a balance of electronic data interchange expertise and innovative technology. We even deliver 835s for voids, no pays, capitated encountered and reversals.

Have the information needed to know how much to bill the patient or billing practices. Providing your business with better visibility into insights and adjustments.

Zelis Payments follows a rigorous process to create high quality 835s:

*The ACH and 835 aspects of the Zelis Payments Virtual Card Solution are CAQH CORE® certified, which ensures settled payments comply with ACA and HIPAA standards and operating rules