How Cooper Dental Group Improved Efficiency & Overall Satisfaction with Zelis Payments

Dental provider employs 30 staff members and sees 100 patients per day in 14 chairs. By Trusting Zelis Payments, Cooper Dental Group (CDG) Simplified and Saved on Dental Claims.

By Trusting Zelis Payments, CDG Simplified and Saved on Dental Claims

A Deeper Look

Provider streamlined their operations with electronic payments.

The Challenge

Paper-based Payments Slow the Revenue Cycle

CDG was frustrated payments would take so long to post because they were held up in the mail. They wanted a faster system in place that could shorten their revenue cycle. Dealing with insurance carriers directly to track down payments was not a pleasant experience. They needed a solution that would increase efficiency and give them the support they were looking for.

The Solution

Implementing Virtual Cards Increases Efficiency and Satisfaction

By using virtual cards, CDG gets their payment card numbers faxed or they easily download it from the Zelis Provider Portal, saving time compared to paper checks which can take up to weeks to receive. Zelis Payments is there every step of the way, offering high-quality and dedicated customer service. No matter the question, they trust Zelis Payments will resolve their request in a timely and efficient manner.