Keeping Your Data Secure Through Electronic Payments

As if a pandemic wasn’t causing enough chaos, criminals are manipulating this unprecedented situation to their advantage. Fraudulent activity is on the rise as individuals attempt to profit during this emergency. Online phishing scams, door-to-door testing offers, and falsely promising free care are just a handful of examples.

Protecting your data has never been more important. If claim payment information gets into the wrong hands, it could mean a major disruption to your operations. Zelis Payments enhances security protocols to protect our providers as new threats develop.


Zelis & Your Data

When you choose Zelis Payments, you can rest easy — we’re safeguarding your data in several different ways. With Zelis ACH, your funds are quickly transferred to your account. Payments are paperless and require no contact. A copy of the remittance is automatically sent to our provider portal, where it can be securely accessed free of charge.

We recommend you:

  • establish multiple users and only one administrator
  • manage user access and limiting user permissions
  • avoid password sharing
  • create strong passwords updated every 90 days


Our forgery resistant virtual cards provide maximum protection against threats by only allowing allocated merchant codes to process payment. EOPs are sent electronically to the provider and no one else, reducing the risk of criminal activity. Our two-step verification process ensures only decision-makers at the provider office address can make changes.

Zelis ACH Payments have received certification seals for compliance with operating rules for CAQH Core and HIPAA. Accounts are monitored 24/7 for fraud with OFAC and any account changes trigger an alert to protect our clients. Provider bank account information will never be shared with any third party.


Mail Phishing

Criminals are looking for all opportunities to steal your data. If possible, switch to the paperless electronic option for all your financial statements. When you get them sent to your email or a portal, it’s far more secure than your physical mailbox. With Zelis ACH, you get peace of mind with our single sign-on provider portal. You can access all your payments data through an encrypted dashboard.


Privileged Health Data

Medical information is far more valuable than you might think – even more so than checks.  Savvy criminals use that knowledge to aid in stealing patient identities, unleashing a domino effect of negative consequences. Zelis Payments will never call you to ask for details and information of payments nor we will ask you to process cards on terminals that are not related to your practice.

Unless you called first, don’t ever share your medical details over the phone. Use our free portal to keep track of your payments and claims data. Zelis Payments helps prevent security gaps through direct EOB transmission. These documents are sent electronically to the provider and no one else.

Every day, we’re working vigilantly to safeguard your information from theft and scams. We want you to know that Zelis Payments is your trusted partner for navigating the road forward. As we prepare for what’s next, now is the time to take action. We’re regularly implementing new security measures to help providers adapt and stay ahead amid the changing landscape. When the right strategies are implemented, the risk of a security breach is reduced.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, visit or call (855) 496-1571.